Liebran My Free Spirit

Sire: Am/Can Ch Castlehill's Magic Moment, Am/Can CDX
Dam: Ch Liebran's Merry Cookie Monster
Whelped: Septemeber 16, 1999 
IWS-1321G38F-PI, IWS-TH10/53F-PI, IWS-317-2009

September 16, 1999 - December 7, 2013

Pedigree "Liebran My Free Spirit" COI: 10.36

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Am Ch, Can Ch
Castlehill's Magic Moment (HD OFA Good)
Am/Can CDX COI: 19.75



Am Ch
Mole End Badger (HD OFA Normal)
 COI: 6.31

Am Ch
Shillalah Kilkelly O'Thrawl
CDX COI: 36.96
Am Ch
Deart's Autumn Mist (HD OFA Normal) CD COI: 6.60
Am Ch
Castlehill's L.P. O'Whistlestop (HD OFA Good) UD COI: 24.84
Am Ch
Mirkwood's A Touch of Class (HD OFA Normal) COI: 15.61
Am Ch
Kilkee's Chaotic Grand Sham (HD OFA Normal) WCX COI: 28.50


Am Ch
Liebran Merry Cookie Monster (HD OFA Good)
CD COI: 15.20

Ch Merry Fudge Royal
COI: 26.55
BIS/BISS, Am Ch, Can Ch, Ber Ch
Oaktrees Irishtocrat (HD OFA Normal) CD COI: 7.78
Am Ch
Merry Chocolate and Nuts (HD OFA Normal) COI: 10.84
Am Ch
Merry's Wisecracker (HD OFA Good) COI: 2.44

Am Ch
Tintean of Lisnabrogue (HD OFA Good) COI: 19.34
Am Ch
Merry's Firecracker (HD OFA Good), CD COI: 20.65




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