Ch Ildanoch Guns of Navarone, CD, RN, OA, NAJ, OAP, OJP
Sire: Ch Dreadlock's Ain't Misbehavin', CD 
Dam: Ch O'Rlooks Brown Sugar, CD, OA
December 7,  2000
CHIC # 46001: IWS-1322E24M-PI,IWS-EL134M56-PI, IWS-TH33/38M-PI, IWS-318-2009


December 7, 2000 - January 31, 2015


Pedigree of " Ch Ildanoch Guns of Navarone, CD, RN, OA, NAJ, OAP, OJP" COI: 14.49

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Dreadlock's Ain't Misbehavin', (HD OFA Excellent),CD COI:18.79     


Ch Mole End Finn Mac Cumhail (HD OFA Excellent) COI: 17.29

Am Ch
Banshee's Duke of Earl (HD OFA Good)

COI: 17.07
Am Ch
Mirkwood Deart's Travistock (HD OFA Excellent) COI: 34.62
Ch Beaufield Pagan O'Dreadlocks HD OFA Good) COI: 16.38
Am Ch
Mole End Badger (HD OFA Normal)
CD COI: 6.31
Am Ch
Lakeview's Pint A Guinness (HD OFA Normal) COI: 9.74


Ch O'Rlooks Brown Sugar, (HD OFA Good)
CD, OA COI: 24.61

BIS/BISS Am Ch, Can Ch Lindholme's Mr Michael (HD OFA Fair)
CD, TD, JH, WC COI: 38.14

Can Ch
Lindholme's Eachann COI: 18.44
Lindholme's Fiona COI: 17.44
Ch Lindholme's Noreen of Overlook COI: 19.64 Crombie's Kerrera Shenanigans COI: 10.38
Am/Can Ch Lindholme's Aingeal's Julie COI: 15.86



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